Cannington Development

3 Oak Street, Cannington
City Centre
12 (min)

The Company has a 100% interest in 3 Oak Street, Cannington.

The Cannington Property consists of 1,256m² of vacant land and is zoned “City Centre”, as per the Canning City Council Town Planning Scheme 40 Guidelines. The aforementioned zoning allows for residential activities within the area which are generally in accordance with proposals contained in the Canning Regional Centre Structure Plan.

The Company proposes to construct a minimum of 12 apartments on the Cannington Property. The scale and nature of the Cannington Development has been largely influenced by zoning policies implemented by the Canning City Council. The Cannington Property is located in the “River Precinct” as defined by the Canning City Council and is subject to R60 zoning. R60 zoning enables high density living with a maximum development height of 18m.

The Company is currently in the process of finalising plans for the development of the property that meet the requirements of Council.